Site Guide

Site Guide

Warning: The descriptions in this site guide of flying conditions to be expected reflect the experience of the authors of the guide. The conditions that you encounter at the site may differ from those encountered by the authors. The descriptions of their experiences may not be relevant to the likely experience of any other pilot, particularly one who is relatively inexperienced or new to the site. A decision to launch is always that of the individual pilot. In reaching a decision a pilot may wish to take into account the descriptions in this site guide but must also consider numerous other factors including the pilot’s training and experience, familiarity with the site, equipment, physical and mental condition and the specific conditions in existence at the time of the decision. Pilots of relatively little experience or who are new to the site are urged to consult with other pilots at the site to obtain their assessment of the conditions.  The Primary frequency used at local sites is 151.925.  Pilots may be operating on other frequencies also.  Please have a radio and ask those pilots present what frequency they are using.  



Hoover Ridge
Mount St. Helens (not a CPC site)
Mount Hood (not a CPC site)
Silver Star
Toutle River Valley (Closed)

Southern Oregon
Woodrat (RVHPA site)

South-Central Oregon
Abert Rim (not a CPC site)
Lakeview (not a CPC site)
Winter Ridge (not a CPC site)

Central Oregon
Pine Mountain Desert Air Riders Site

Eastern Oregon
Mt. Howard (Wallowa Paragliding)

Kiting sites (Historical list available)

Site Liaisons: call to find out about specific sites.  
Bingen: Travis Potter
Cape Lookout: Mark Sanzone
Chehalem: David Blizzard
Cliffside: Reed Gleason
Ecola & Area B: Brad Hill
Gales Creek: Eric Miller
Kiwanda: Julian Ansell
Marys Peak: Mike Steed
Oceanside: Mark Sanzone
Peterson Butte: Josh Norris
Silverstar: Michael Cook
Sollie/Kilches: Alan Flemming
Toutle River Valley: Jan Kubic,
Jim Baldo
Yaquina Head: Bill Briskey