CPC BYLAWS – revised and approved 5/7/19

 1.  Meetings of the Cascade Paragliding Club will be held on a designated day during the first week of every month. Every active member of the club may vote on club business, and a quorum for voting will consist of 10 members.

1A. Presidential Time-Critical Expenditure Procedure: On expenditures of less than $150, the following procedure may be followed. The president may initiate expenditure for club business (“the proposal”) that needs to be paid before the next club meeting. The president may spend up to $50 on the proposal. If the vice-president agrees, they may spend up to $100 on the proposal. If the treasurer also agrees, they may spend up to $150 on the proposal. The expenditure must be explained to the membership at the next club meeting. This procedure is only designed for situations where time is crucial. If expenditure can wait until the next club meeting, it probably should. This procedure may occur only once between monthly club meetings.

1B. Minor Club Expenditure Procedure: On expenditures of up to $500, the club may take a vote at a regularly scheduled meeting. The proposed expenditure will pass if the majority of the members present vote in favor. No previous notice is required if the amount is $500 or less, but members proposing minor expenditures are encouraged to give notice, at a previous meeting, on the Internet mailing list, and by other such methods if time permits. The total amount of expenditures approved using this procedure is limited to $500 at each monthly club meeting.

1C. Major Club Expenditure Procedure: On expenditures of more than $500, previous notice must be given and posted in a club mailing at least 1 week prior to the meeting so that all members may participate in the vote in person, by proxy, or by other currently used club method for absentee balloting (E-mail, U.S. mail, etc.).

1D. Notice of Expenditures: Notice of all expenditures described in the procedures above shall be printed in the meeting minutes and posted on the club mailing after they have been approved by a club officer who was present at the meeting.

2.  Annual dues are $30 for individuals, $45 for families living at the same address. Dues are payable in December for the following year. Members joining during the year will pay a prorated amount based on the months remaining in the year at the time they join. Prorated monthly dues are $2.50/month for individuals or $4.00/month for families. Active members are all those whose dues are paid in full.

3. President, Treasurer, and Vice President will be nominated in October, elected in November and begin serving on January 1st to serve for a term of 12 months.

The President or his/her designee will prepare an agenda and run meetings in a parliamentary fashion. In the event the President is not present, the Vice President or Treasurer will run the meeting. Every member of the club will have the right to place any number of items on the agenda. The President or his/her designee will also be responsible for taking meeting minutes and informing members through club postings on items pertinent to the club mission.

The Treasurer will bank and disburse funds according to the wishes of the club membership, and will compile a monthly report on the treasury to be delivered at the monthly meetings.

Upon a vote of 55 per cent of the active (paid) membership, any officer of the club can be recalled. A new vote will be taken one month after a successful recall vote to elect a representative who will serve during the remainder of the term.

In the event of a resignation of a club officer, nominations will be solicited and voted on at the next club meeting.

4.  A club website and discussion forum will be maintained. Meeting minutes will be published every month and sent via E-mail to every member of the club. The goal of the website and discussion forum will be to inform and educate members on club business, safety, and flying sites, and to provide an opportunity to debate club and regional issues concerned with the sport of paragliding. All members can submit letters, articles, or short advertisements free of charge.

5.  These bylaws can be modified by a vote of 55 per cent of the active membership following notification by E-mail or on the website at least one week prior to the meeting where the modification will be voted on. Persons not able to attend the meeting may vote by E-mailing or otherwise notifying in writing a club officer prior to the date of the meeting.

6.  The club president will appoint a Safety Officer annually. The safety officer will be the point person for correspondence with USHPA and the RRG for all safety issues. He or she will: review all Site guides and Risk Management Plans for the annual club chapter renewal process; drive filing of reports for incidents and accidents, review plans for all club events, promote training, and be a “safety first” advocate.

7.  An annual audit of the treasury will be performed by an audit committee. The committee will have at minimum the president and an experienced accounting person. This should be conducted after yearend and be reported out at the following club meeting, and a summary emailed to the club list.