Powered Paragliding

The CPC is a free-flying paragliding club, but many of our members also fly powered paragliders, and the CPC encourages all who might share the air to join in and become a part of the community. For existing PPG pilots please read the things to think about before you fly PPG. For anyone wanting to get started in powered paragliding, contact the instructors below.

powered flight

Oregon Instructors:

Learn to Fly PPG: Discover Paragliding! Warrenton, OR 503.861.2772

For those wanting to transition from PG to PPG flight, Discover Paragliding is now certified with the USPPA (US Powered Paragliding Association) for Powered Paragliding instruction as well as PPG Tandem instruction. We offer the opportunity to learn to fly the PPG, with the first flights being relatively effortless via our tow rig. Tow up to 1000′, glide powerless for the entire first flight, or start the motor 1/2 way down and stay aloft for 30 minutes or more. (In flight radio communication/guidance provided.) Tow launching takes away all the worries of a broken prop on those first flights where motorized flying is still so unfamiliar. When you’re ready, start the motor and take off under power. Contact us about how to get started!



PG PPG crossover Gabriel Evans  For Portland area pilots!


pp ppg crossover