The Cascade Paragliding Club is dedicated to the advancement of paragliding and hang gliding in this region through the education of its members in safety and general knowledge of the sport, the development and maintenance of local flying sites and through the comradeship of fellow pilots.

Monthly Meeting:

Back Stage Bar, 3702 S.E. Hawthorne
(503) 236-9234

Usually on the first Tuesday of the month.

Oceanside Open:  April 27-28 2019

FAA Temporary Flight Restrictions: Oregon TFRs

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Most recent Google Group messages
Weekend chute clinic
Dirk Larson: From what I understand this is more of a pack your own reserve with some possible guidance from less than experts. I wouldn’t count on there being anyone there who knows hang reserves. On Jan 18, 2019, at 6:26 PM, Xan Harwood-Karlik wrote: Hey all, I’m interested in
Weekend chute clinic
Xan Harwood-Karlik: Hey all, I’m interested in getting my reserve repacked, will there be someone there comfortable repacking a hang reserve? I’m not sure how (or if) they’re different from a PG one so figured I’d ask. Thanks in advance! Xan
The Upside
Mark Sanzone: Just saw the movie, it was very good. Fun to see the flying scenes that were filmed at Woodrat, although they were brief. Mark
Oceanside Saturday
Rick L: I'm watching that too. High tide around 11am. Surf is super high so probably no beach or just narrow beach until really late. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android On Fri, Jan 18, 2019 at 4:33 PM, 'Mark Sanzone' via Cascade Paragliding Club wrote: I’m looking at It too. If
Oceanside Saturday
Mark Sanzone: I’m looking at It too. If not there is the reserve clinic. Mark Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone On Friday, January 18, 2019, 2:20 PM, Nick Fulmor wrote: Looks light on 2 sites and strong on the other. I'll be there. Hope to see you guys up there. -- You received this
Oceanside Saturday
Nick Fulmor: Looks light on 2 sites and strong on the other. I'll be there. Hope to see you guys up there.
Larger fan for repack clinic
vince price: Does anyone have a large or industrial fan we could use to inflate our reserves for next weekend's repack clinic? thanks V
Mark Sanzone: Wings above launch. Mark Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone
Laren Hale: Cliffside site report, winds are light, too light to soar, and there is a low ceiling, enough to fly but you can’t see the wind turbines
Mark Sanzone: Jay and I are carpooling. Winds look good but no real sun or lapse rate in the forecast. Dress warm.... Mark
Michael Cook: Most likely going as well.
Mark Sanzone: Looking good for Cliffside. I plan to go. Mark
Reserve repack clinic Jan 19th
vince price: Reserve repack season is upon us. For those wishing to repack their own reserves both supervised and supervised/assisted, or just learn about it, we are hosting repack session/clinic on Saturday Jan 19 ,10 -2 at a Keith Lowe's business warehouse. We will have 2 tables and some sandbags set up
[ohgalist] Sharing a laugh.
Mark Sanzone: From the OHGA list. Paramotor video. Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone Begin forwarded message: On Monday, January 7, 2019, 9:51 PM, Tim Bugge [ohgalist] wrote: __._,_.___ ------------------------------ Posted by: Tim
CPC meeting Tomorrow 1/8
vince price: Dont forget to attend our meeting tomorrow, first of the year. Mcmenamins Bagdad Theater Backstage Bar. 7:30 Let me know if you want a spot on the agenda